Design of Integrated Hybrid Energy Systems

The first research thrust focuses on the investigation of parameters that inform the rational design of integrated hybrid energy systems. In this work, analytical models that describe the power profiles energy sources are developed and used for the development of algorithms to assess the capabilities of advanced energy storage devices and systems for application to consumption of electronics and machines. The algorithms developed are then used to establish design protocols for hybrid power and energy systems.

Structure-property relationships in dielectric and piezoelectric films and bulk ceramic oxides

Traditionally, bulk ceramic dielectric oxides are used for integrated circuits, memory and energy storage devices. However, these materials suffer from low breakdown field strength, which limits the available energy per unit mass and scalability; and increases dielectric loss. Processing techniques for thin film ferroelectric materials (that are needed for sub-micron scaled devices) are less developed than their bulk counterparts. HESML conducts empirical studies to understand the fundamental mechanisms and processing parameters that dictate physical material characteristics. This research elucidates more complex material solutions and doping schemes, which increases the degrees of freedom in identification of materials with enhanced properties that are necessary for the realization of advanced sub-micrometer scale devices. Development of materials such as these is dictated by our understanding of the mechanisms governing permittivity, piezoelectricdepolarization and ferroelectric hysteresis, which are critically linked to processing and material composition. 


Engineering Education

The aim of this work is to understand the societal, gender and historical perceptions that inform the best practices and strategies for teaching engineering principles and research concepts to high school and undergraduate students.


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