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Job Description (Graduate Student)

The candidate must possess a bachelor’s degree in Engineering or STEM Education.  In addition, the candidate must have experience with programming in one or more of the following computer languages: Java, C-sharp and/or Python, in addition to having experience with engineering educational programs.  The candidate must have taken coursework in statistics and probability and be able to use Qualtrics and SPSS software. The responsibilities of the candidate include the development computer programs for acquisition and analysis of data from sensors that capture physiological data.  The researcher will also be responsible for setting of experiments and focus group sets for research study, in addition to performing statistical analysis of captured data.  The graduate student will also assist the professor in working on an engineering education project that requires experience in conducting focus groups and use of devices that measure physiological responses.  The responsibilities will also include development of STEM based educational lessons that are based on research conducted within the laboratory environment.

Student will be paid hourly or through a monthly stipend for work performed.

If you are interested in applying for this position send an email along with a CV and unofficial transcript to

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