Selected Publications

  • Banerjee, S., J. Torres, and K. A. Cook-Chennault. "Piezoelectric and dielectric Properties of PZT cement-aluminum nano-composites," Ceramics International, 40 (1), 2015.

  • Banerjee, S., Du, W. L., Wang, L. and Cook-Chennault, K.A., "Fabrication of Dome-Shaped PZTEpoxy Actuator Using Modified Solvent and Spin Coating Technique," Journal of Electroceramics, 31 (12), 2013.

  • Banerjee, S., Kappera, R., Cook-Chennault, K. A. and Chhowalla, M., "Multi-Walled CarbonNanotube Based Flexible Piezoelectric Films with Graphene Monolayers," Energy and Environment Focus, 2 (3), 2013.

  • Laffey, E. H., Cook-Chennault, K. A., Hirsch, L. S., "Rutgers University Research Experience For Teachers In Engineering: Preliminary Findings." American Journal of Engineering Education - Special Edition, 4 (1), 2013.

  • Banerjee S., Cook-Chennault K. A., "An Investigation into the Influence of Electrically Conductive Particle Size on Electromechanical Coupling and Effective Dielectric Strain Coefficients in Three Phase Composite Piezoelectric Polymers," Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 43 (9), 2012.

  • Banerjee S., Cook-Chennault, K. A., "Influence of AL Particle Size and Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Volume Fraction on the Dielectric Properties of PZT-Epoxy-Aluminum Composites", Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 133 (4), 2011.

  • Banerjee, S.; Cook-Chennault, K. A., "An Analytical Model for the Effective Dielectric Constant of a 0-3-0 Composite," Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 133 (4), 2011.

  • Cook-Chennault, K. A., Thambi, N., Sastry, A. M., "Powering MEMS Portable Devices - a Review of Non-Regenerative and Regenerative Power Supply Systems with Special Emphasis on Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Systems," Smart Materials and Structures, 17 (4), 2008.

  • Cook-Chennault, K.A., Thambi, N., Bitetto, M. A. and Hameyie, E. B. , "Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting - A Green and Clean Alternative for Sustained Power Production," Bulletin of Science Technology Society, 28 (6), 2008.

  • Cook, K. A., Albano F., Nevius P. E. and Sastry, A. M., "POWER (power optimization for wireless energy requirements): A MATLAB Based Algorithm for Design of Hybrid Energy Systems," Journal of Power Sources, 159 (1), 2006.

  • Cook, K. A. and Sastry, A. M., "An Algorithm for Selection and Design of Hybrid Power Supplies for MEMS with a Case Study of a Micro-Gas Chromatograph System," Journal of Power Sources, 140 (1), 2005.

  • Cook, K. A. and Sastry, A. M., "Influence of Scaling Effects on Designing for Power Efficiency of a Micropreconcentrator,"  Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology, 23 (2), 2005.

  • Wang, CW, Cook K. A., Sastry A. M., "Conduction in Multiphase Particulate/Fibrous Networks - Simulations and Experiments on Li-ion Anodes," Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 150 (3), 2003.

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